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  1. Ken,
    We looked for the pic of Baxter but couldn’t find it…
    Love Bebo

    Not to worry – it’s in the gallery now. It’s called, “Release the Hounds”
    Love, Ken

  2. Hey Ken,
    enjoyed seeing You in the paper this morning showcasing your beautiful art work. Your not kind of a big deal, You are a BIG deal…..LOL!!
    Peace, Love and all that shit…S&V.

  3. Simply amazing! I hope to see some of your work in person. Thanks for sharing.
    Rene Reyes

  4. Hello Mr. Woodworth!

    I saw your work in the paper today, and thought I’d do a little bit of further investigation. your artwork is quite lovely! I have a soft-spot for koi, so I must admit I especially like your carp crazy series.
    I really admire your patience as well. I used to draw photo-realistic drawings in graphite (or at least rather close to photo-realistic), but it eventually just became stale for me, and I moved on to more fast-paced mediums like art marker and oil paint. The fact that you can spend so much time one a piece is really awe inspiring. And with colored pencils, none the less! That’s one thing I never really figured out.

    I’m an aspiring high school artist, so it’s really cool to hear about someone who’s really developed their skills and gone somewhere with their art in the area. Hope to see more work from you soon! 🙂


  5. Dear Ken,

    Thanks for the wonderful inspirational art. You are my hero.

    You always amaze me with your talent and imagination, and make me wonder what’s next, how can he possibly top that? And then you do.

    I love to look at your art, and I’m very honored to have a piece in my home. It’s timless and very precious to me, thank-you for all your hard work and devotion to your craft.

    I would also like to say thanks for being such a great teacher to the kids , they all adore you, and your patience with them to attain their goals in art is a gift to all of us.

    Love Marilyn

  6. Hi Ken,

    I love your work very much. It is nice to know we are long lost cousins. I haven’t heard from your dad for a while and I am worried about him. Sorry to contact you this way, but…I don’t have your phone # or e-mail address.

    Please relply,


  7. Hey whats up Ken, It’s Danny, I met you at Beverly’s birthday Party on Saturday Apr 11. Just wondering if you were still interested in working together for our EP Artwork. If you are, email me at

    Hope to hear from ya!



  8. Hi Ken,

    It was delightful talking with you this morning.
    Your work is amazing. I hope you will consider joining our District Chapter of the Colored Pencil Society. Looking forward to meeting you in person.


  9. ken,
    awesome drawings you do! love your interesting themes for compositions, too! thanks for stopping in Locke today. was great meeting both you and mira.

  10. Ron, I came to the Artist Home Tour in October and was awed by your work. You told me the name of the pencil that makes you work so shiny, but I didn’t write it down. Please email that info to me. I have been shouting your praises to whoever will listen. I was so very impressed with your work. You are definitly not a “rookie”.

  11. Susan,
    I hope you were praising Ken Woodworth and not Ron? I don’t know who Ron is.
    I sent you a direct e-mail informing you of Prismacolor pencils.
    My technique is to do layer upon layer of color(s) and burnish the colors together as one color and finally finished off with a fixtative spray such as Krylon.

  12. How is the drawing going? I had to give up on the colored pencil…just couldn’t seem to get the technique down to my satisfaction besides it was a bit stressful on my kneck. I did switch over to pastels and am getting a pretty decent feel for this medium. Thanks for all your help…I will probably bounce back to cp sometime. Check out my site when you get a chance….


  13. Ken, congratulations on your second award at the international show. I was on the tour Saturday. It was exciting to see you jazzed about the new format you are pursuing.
    After talking to you, I always come home ready to work on another colored pencil project.
    You are very inspiring.

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