An Example of Ken’s Process

Here’s a slideshow of one of Ken’s surreal pieces, “While You Were Sleeping,” from start to finish: The completed piece is 30″x40″ and took some 140 hours to complete.

Ken thought about just taking ordinary objects around the house and making them into something extraordinary. Some 25 studies were done to create this image!

The original concept was to have a cat tied down but when Ken looked at his adopted Poodle, he thought, Viola! The little boy in the picture is of a friends son and the books are of course, Drawing oriented and a tribute to M.C. Escher and Drawing on the right side of the brain. The table top is of half of their dining room table and the clouds which were made to resemble animals all appear to be floating in a dream like state. Hence the title     ” While You Were Sleeping”. The view point is from the Dog who is trying to tell you what happens to him at night while you were sleeping. Of course, you do not believe him.

When the kids see the drawing at the shows they really get a kick out of it. It is rather whimsicial to the viewer and is made to give you an insight into someones dream. The numbers on the boys shirts are all his Kens immediate family members favorite numbers. The “WA” on the back of the shirt is a shameless advertisement of “WA” studios. The pencil sharpener belonged to his deceased brother Michael who was very talented at drawing as well. The sharpener in the drawing is a tribute to his brother. The dog tag has the signature “WA” for Woodworth Art that he and his very talented Glass Artist wife Mira, have created together. The “0307″ on the Dog tag is the date in which the piece was completed. The coffee cup is one in which we use all the time as well and was also placed into the “Caltrans Kid” hands as I call him as well. The portrait of the dog that the little boy is drawing had to be drawn twice to get the correct angle of the paper. You will also notice that there are no shadows shown for the the majority of the picture. Can you ever remember seeing shadows in your dreams?